Meet the Exhibitor – The Oxford Cheltenham Wine School

Connect Business’ range of B2B businesses includes this regular exhibitor offering services for corporate hospitality.

Nick Gay is from The Oxford and Cheltenham Wine School who are wine tasting events organisers. They run courses and events for the public, private tasting sessions for corporate events and training for the hospitality industry.

Why do you choose to exhibit at Connect Business Day?

As a B2B event, it’s a good way of meeting business people and showing them what we offer particularly for corporate and client events: private tasting for client entertainment and social events for staff.  

What do you think the 200 visitors get out of their visit to the event?

They get a good overview of all the types of businesses that are represented in the town – many that they may not have known before. People come with all sorts of perspectives on the business community.

For more information about The Oxford and Cheltenham Wine School, visit Nick and Alex at their stand on Thursday 20th Sept. Also find them on Facebook @oxfordcheltwineschool and